Precongress Workshops


Time Session Venue


Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT)

University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)


Robotic Workshop

Sunway Medical Centre


Hands-on workshop - Pelvic ultrasonography, fistula & haemorrhoids

University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)


TaTME workshop (Didactic + live surgery demo)

ASSC, Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM)


TaTME workshop (Didactic + hands-on cadaveric)

Silent Mentor Centre, Cheras


Allied Health Professional Session

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

0700 - 2300

Exhibition Move In

Level 3, Ballroom 1
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

1930 - 2200

Faculty Dinner
*By invitation only


15 March, 2019 (Day 1)


Time Session Trainees' Session Allied Health Programme

0630 - 1900

Registration & Information Desk

1000 - 1700

Exhibition Hours

0730 - 0900

Symposium 1A
Imaging in Colorectal Surgery

Symposium 1B
Colorectal Cancer Managment

Symposium 1C
Allied Health Programme

Role of functional MRI in rectal cancer - should it be the gold standard?
- Linda Brown

Diagnosis & staging - how much is enough?
- Lim Jit Fong

Welcome Speech and Montage Presentation
- Meheshinder Singh

What's new in sonographic imaging for benign anorectal conditions
- Giulio Santora

Neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer
- Yunus Gul

Stomal Therapy in Asia Journey to Excellence:
The beginning, challenges and our pathway to the future.
- Mariam Mohd Nasir

Developments in indications for functional CT.
- Dharmendra Harichandra

Laparoscopic surgery - indications and contraindications
- Chucheep Sahakitrungruang

Maintaining Peristomal Skin Health
- Carmen George

Endoscopic imaging - does it change management of colorectal neoplasms?
- Dae-Kyung Sohn

Molecular profiling in Colorectal Cancer
- Mastura Md Yusof

Paediatric Ostomy: Management, issues and challenges.
- Norlizah Turiman


Precision oncology
- Ho Gwo Fuang

Life with a Stoma: Minimising the risk of leakages.
- Carmen George

Tumour sidedness - does it matter?
- Bettina Lieske

0900 - 1000

Opening ceremony

1000 - 1030

Refreshment Break

1030 - 1115

Plenary 1: Individualized therapy for colorectal cancer - What surgeons need to know.

1115 - 1245

Symposium 2A
Colorectal Cancer

Symposium 2B
Acute benign colorectal conditions

Symposium 2C
Allied Health Programme

Has the death knell been sounded for HIPEC?
- Melissa Teo

Appendicitis - is clinical diagnosis still a safe option?
- Armando Chrisostomo

Dealing with Quality of Life Issues in Ostomy patients.
- Roziana Pingka

PIPAC - who, what, why?

Diverticulitis - what are the latest guidelines?
- Damien Petersen

Psychology impact on Ostomate.
- Choo Joon Keng

IORT for rectal cancer - what's the evidence?
- Frank Giordano

Lower GI bleed
- Meheshinder Singh

Surgical Innovation in Colorectal Surgery.
- Manohar Padmanathan

Extended resections & reoperative surgery - are they worthwhile?
- Michael Solomon

Stenting for acute intestinal obstruction - results of Japanese stenting trial

Patient Support Group: Issues in sustainability of Ostomate Association in Asia.
- Harikesh Buch

Challenges of managing CRC in the pregnant patient
- Jamiyah Hassan

Bowel ischaemia - Pearls and Pitfalls


High output fistulas - can we do better?

1245 - 1415

Lunch Satellite Symposium

APFCP Board Meeting

1415 - 1500

Plenary 2: TaTME - fad or fashion?
- Andrew Stevenson

1500 - 1630

Symposium 3A

Symposium 3B
Management of Anastomotic Leak

Symposium 3C
Allied Health Programme

Concomitance between hemorrhoids and chronic venous disorders
- Parvez Sheikh

Prediction and prevention
- Charles Tsang

Peristomal moisture-associated skin damage and assessment using SAC Assessment.
- Azniwani Yusoff

Rectopexy: to mesh or not to mesh
- Andrew Stevenson

Treatment - non-surgical
- Wan Khamizar

Activities of Daily Living for Ostomate: Is there any restriction?
- Mohd Rahime Ab Wahab

Does neo adjuvant treatment change management plan in rectal cancer?

Treatment - surgical
- Lin Chun-Chi

The impact of liquid output and how we deal with it.
- Widasari Gitarja

Obstetric anal sphincter injuries - who should manage them?

Management of long term consequences
- Michael Solomon

Sexuality: Issues and Challenges.
- Ong Choo Eng

Optimal surgical approach to presacral tumour.
- Chucheep Sahakitrungruang

ERAS - risk factor or preventive measure?
- Manuel Roxas


Treatment of radiation proctitis: paradigm shift
- Nopdanai Chaisomboon

1630 - 1800


How I do It (incorporating tea) / Video Session

Oral Presentations
Medicaolegal Issues

Symposium 3C
Allied Health Programme

- Maasaki Ito

- Sharmini Navaratnam

Ostomy Patient: Food for thought.
- Norsehha Ahmad

- Charles Tsang

Managing the patient/family when complications occur
- Kulenthran Arumugam

Paediatric Ostomy: Challenges in managing multiple stomas.
- Farah Shakinah Binti Mohd Taib

- Melissa Teo

Dealing with complications

Management of Ileal Conduit.
- Mohd Rahime Ab Wahab

Transperineal & endovaginal sonography
- Giulio Santora

Prevention of legal challenges
- Akhtar Qureshi

Documentation & Photography in Stomal Therapy.
- Mariam Mohd Nasir

Robotic Lateral Pelvic Node Dissection using ICG
- Lee Yoon Suk

Mitigating consequences of legal challenges
- Sharon Kaur


1800 - 1930

Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS) AGM

1945 onwards

Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS) Members' Dinner

16 March, 2019 (Day 2)


Time Session Trainees' Session Allied Health Programme

0730 - 1900

Registration & Information Desk

1000 - 1700

Exhibition Hours

0730 - 0830

Meet-the-Expert A

Meet-the-Expert B
Multidisciplinary approach to perianal fistulas

0830 - 1000

Symposium 4A
Difficult Anorectal Sepsis

Symposium 4B
Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Multidisciplinary Management

Symposium 4C
Allied Health Programme

Hidradenitis suppurativa
- Parvez Sheikh

Diagnostic challenges - mimics of IBD

Prevention is Better than Cure: Early Detection of Colon Cancer lead to better prognosis?
- Manohar Padmanathan

Impact of new fistula in ano classification on management
- Arun Rojanasakul

Differentiating ulcerative colitis and Crohn's colitis - does it matter? Surgical vs medical perspectives

Stomacare: The hole to make the whole.
- Mariam Mohd Nasir

Recurrent pilonidal sinus

The role of biologics in IBD - what the surgeons need to know

Special consideration for Elderly Ostomate.
- Ong Choo Eng

Malignant fistulas in ano
- Francis Seow-Choen

The emerging role of endoscopic therapy for IBD

Stoma Care Nursing: Management of patient undergoing ostomies surgery.
- Azniwani Yusoff

Dysplasia management in IBD - close monitoring, endoscopic resection or surgery?

1000 - 1045

Plenary 3: Evolution of surgery for Crohn's Disease (Influence of biologics)
- Yves Panis

1045 - 1115

Refreshment Break

1115 - 1300

Symposium 5A
Minimally Invasive Surgery

Symposium 5B
Concurrent IBD Workshop

Symposium 5C
Allied Health Programme

Symposium 5D
Oral Presentations

Complete mesocolic excision or central vascular ligation
- Jun Gi Kim

Case discussions: Challenging cases in IBD
- Multi-disciplinary panel with audience interactive feedback

Awareness program for Ostomate in Indonesia.
- Widasari Sri Gitarja


TAMIS - technical challenges/tips and tricks
- William Chen

Case 1: Surgery in tiger territory

World Ostomy Day: Speaking Out Changes Life.
- Harikesh Buch


SILS for colorectal cancer - is it obsolete?
- Yasumitsu Hirano

Case 2: Post-operative recurrent Crohn's disease

Management of difficult stoma: What are our solutions and options?
- Ng Yi Zhen


Laparoscopic Surgical Skill Qualification System
- Fumio Konishi

Case 3: Acute fulminant colitis

Prevention and management of Parastomal hernias.
- Carmen George


Incisionless colorectal surgery - is it a reality?
- John Monson

Stereotactic pelvic navigation surgery for rectal cancer

1300 - 1400

Lunch Satellite Symposium: Servier
Haemorroidal disease - From Pathophysiology to daily practice- Servier
Chairs: Meheshinder Singh & Philippe Godeberge

Lunch Satellite Symposium: Janssen

- Meheshinder Singh


Results of CHORUS study and impact on your clinical practice
- Phillipe Godeberge


Importance of investigating the signs of venous insufficiency in patients with haemorrhoidal disease
- Jean-Luc Gerard


Evidence for efficacy of Daflon in haemorrhoidal disease
- Parvez Sheikh


Closing remarks
- Phillipe Godeberge


1400 - 1530

Symposium 6A

Symposium 6B
Benign anorectal disease

Symposium 6C
Allied Health Programme

Do we really need a Robot?
- John Monson

Fistulotomy vs fistulectomy for simple fistulas
- Carlo Cajucom

Stoma care initiatives in Indonesia: Outcomes and successful stories.
- Widasari Sri Gitarja

Revisiting the ROLARR Trial

Complex fistulas
- Arun Rojanasakul

The Enterostomal Therapist roles in the management of complicated stoma: Issues of leakages.
- Nora Jasmin Binti Ahmad Kamal

New technologies in robotic surgery

- Ismail Sagap

Development of Ostomy Services in Private Nursing Practice in North of Medan-Sumatera, Indonesia.
- Asrizal



Management and Pouching a faecal fistula.
- Ng Yi Zhen


- Paul Selvindoss

1530 - 1600

Refreshment Break

1600 - 1700

Professors' Corner

1700 - 1800

Let's Exer Dance
- Mohd Nahar Azmi bin Mohamed


Gala Dinner

17 March, 2019 (Day 3)


Time Session Trainees' session

0800 - 1300

Information Desk

1000 - 1300

Exhibition Hours

0830 - 1000

Symposium 7A
The multidisciplinary team

Symposium 7B
Trainees' oral presentations
Video presentations

Watch-and-wait approach for rectal cancer - is it the way forward?
(Panel Discussion)
- John Monson, Woo-Yong Lee, Matin Mellor


1000 - 1030

Refreshment Break & Poster judging

1030 - 1200

Symposium 8
APFCP presentations​

Future directions of the APFCP
- Chun Ho-Kyung

Precision Medicine: what a surgeon can do
- Jeng-Kai Jiang

The Future of Colorectal Surgery Training in the Asia-Pacific Region
- Armando Chrisostomo

Rectal cancer surgery in the East and West
- Kotaro Maeda

The aging surgeon and knowing when to retire
- Bruce Waxman

1200 - 1300

Closing ceremony
(including presentation of prizes)

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